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Spiced Com is pleased to bring you these pages. What follows is an attempt to demonstrate and offer you, the capability to dress your pages with attention grabbing, custom graphics that are exclusive to your domain. The graphic owned by you. The copyright rights and benefits controlled by you. The files generated from clips you capture with your video camcorder. Whether you use our services or not, we hope you enjoy your visit and leave with a better understanding of the formats involved. Tools, which we hope, will help you in your future.

There are many ways to spice your pages.

  1. The most common means is with static graphics that compliment and enhance your visitors experience.
  2. Taking the static image one step further are Animated Gif files where multiple static images are rotated in one spot to give motion to the space. The motion or multiple images on your page gives you the ability to provide more information within the limited confines of your visitors web browser as well as provide a means to focus or get your visitors attention.
  3. STREAMING FILES take the animated gif benefits and add synchronized and enhanced sound to your page. These files play after a short buffering period and continue to play on your visitors screen while being downloaded. This is the primary advantage of streaming media files where other file types may have to be completely downloaded before your visitor can enjoy them. A mini movie with sound, these files can put your "TV" Type Commercials bytes on the WWW inexpensively. Your visitors enjoy the site with a clearer understanding of your presentation.
The format you choose for a page may be determined by decision trees. Though it doesn't have to be an elaborate and complicated process. We hope to further your understanding of the formats involved - where you know where each type has limitations, abilities, and requirements that will help you select the file type right for you. The properties and traits of these files are great capabilities you now have in your tool chest.


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