Q. Are transactions on the net safe?

A. Well-----, Yes/No!     Lots of people are working on it. This is the computer age, no? So, if a server, site, or company tells you that they have a secure system, be aware. If you have not heard. Secure government sites as well as private companies (Banks) have been broken into where security was thought to be in place.

Internet transactions are no more or less, safer than transactions at your local mall. You give our checks and credit card information to clerks in all types of stores. Clerks at retail shops are generally not rich so-----. Once data is in hand, it can be easily used on the net or telephone and with a little bit of work, even at the mall.   Know where you use your cards. Ask your bank to report any unusual checking account activity.

For your Spiced Com experience, we try to do more than most to secure our customers information.

  1. We provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt data as it is sent on the public "InfoNet".
  2. We do not hold your information on this WWW server once the order process is completed. Sensitive customer information is separated and held on two secure servers, in two states and only compiled together when the order is processed for fulfillment in Hawaii, on a fourth system.
  3. The spiced.com, Hawaiian Computer is not on an always on network and, is not left connected to the Internet when unattended. It is not a server yet has state of the art, redundant, firewall hardware and software technologies to prevent unauthorized access.

Q. What is a cookie?

A. A small text file that your browser and the server (that issued it, in our case) independently files, depending on the use. We use it to keep track of the different items you select on our site so that you can select items across all of our product pages. Our cookie is deleted from your computer when you finish your transaction and close your browser. It is deleted from our server when you complete your transaction though it can be restated if you process subsequent orders. (hint: If you are going to process multiple orders in one session, please close your browser between orders if you want a different invoice number per order.) For Spice Com Your cookie is composed of your IP address plus the time you initiated our programs.

Hummmm. Perhaps Netscape should answer this one.

Product Images and Information Offered on this site.
The image files for products depicted on this site are "spiced com" scans of product packages or photos and art supplied by the several companies to represent their offering. The text descriptions of products are basically taken off these consumer packages. Further Use Rights, concerning the use of the language and images belong to each product producer as their copyright.

The Koi images are actual photographs of these animals bred, in the pond. The interesting spirit images are natural images captured by the camera of clouds being reflected or light perhaps, reflecting off the water surface caused by the movement of the fish under the surface - affecting the surface water level and light capture. The eyes are just bubbles from the water circulation pump. The illusions are emphasized colors produced by limiting the color bit depth while scanning. I do not believe I have spirits (living?) in my backyard fishpond. {;>=

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