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These images are from a video I shot at "The Beach." A good day.

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Web movies can be made from your own video tape. This means you can have your own copyrighted original, legal art to dress your pages, inexpensively. There are several steps to this process which this site will try and demonstrate. But first, a general discussion about this format - GIF89a block set; what it is, can and cannot do, as well as how it compares to other similar formats.

GIF89a is a graphics format like BMP, JPG or, PCX. This format has a unique property which allows individual pictures to be stacked like a deck of cards. The deck is then rotated to change the top picture. Animated gifs are then like the rotation of the top picture to the bottom of the deck leaving the next picture as the top. Though it does not have to be, the pictures can be similar with a gradual change to fool the minds eye into seeing a somewhat fluid motion or change. The effect is like a movie on a system that supports the file. Like how a cartoon is done.


Images do not need to be related. A series of dissimilar images can be displayed to show a mix of pictures, just about anything you may want to show in a set sequence can be put into a gif.


Scanned Photos


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Because these files can be distracting, care should be used when placing them on your page. The files can be rather large so, unlike this and the following pages, you may want to use just a few and, smaller files on your page.

There are many links so lots of information about the GIF format on the WWW. To be current with the format, you can do a search at your favorite search engine site. I like to search Yahoo or AltaVista for "animated gif". Try, and you will be connected.

What a RUSH

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We provide a service to help you convert your video clips to animated gifs. Your own custom graphic. Copyright? No worries, (if you own the rights your video, it is your graphic.)

Print this worksheet to define your graphic

Contact if you have a question or a custom job regarding works of this type.
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