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WebCheck, WWWDrafts, are Bank Drafts made on Your Checking Account.

This is done just as if you are using your credit card except, you are using your checkbook and checking account.
Sorry, only for Checking Accounts in the USA.

In order to do this, please enter your checking account information onto the following form, exactly as it appears on your check.

  1. Your Order Number
  2. Your E-mail Address.
  3. The Amount of your order in USD.
  4. The name and complete address of your bank.
  5. Bank account routing and your checking account numbers.
This information is entered on the forms just as it appears on your check.
If your checking account address is different than what you used on your order, please correct this information in the text block or, better, send your correct information in a seperate e-mail. To do this, just reply to one of the order confirmations. It is a good idea to keep your Bank Account info seperate to your Account Name.

Your Order Number.
The order number is on your receipt. Copy, then Paste it above.
The Check Date
will be the e-mail date of this form.
Your E-mail Address.
Pay to the
order of :  ****** Spiced Com ****** 

 Full Name of your Bank
 Branch of your Bank
 Street Address
 Address 2
 City, State, Zip Code

Find the best match to your check style below to enter your account information. Please don't forget the spaces in your account number. Thank You.
Bank Number
Style A.   
Account Number
Check Number
Bank Number
Style B.
Check Number
Account Number
Check Number
Style C.
Bank Number
Account Number
If you have special instructions or a message, please provide these below:
I have read and understand the text of this page and know that I am making a "Checking Account Draft."
I am authorized to make checks on the account, of the USA bank reflected above.
Most checks have the same information however, the formats that banks use when encoding their own check may differ. This difference is on the the bottom of the check where your CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER, BANK ID NUMBER and the CHECK NUMBER are rearranged by different Banks. Some banks have the customers check number first in the series and another bank may have this number last. There may be several symbols used here too, where the vertical bar and colon enclose the BANK ID NUMBERS. The other symbols are used with the customer (your account) numbers to ID your account information.

This bank draft is just like a check you make at your grocery store except, it is done over the Internet and, you don't have to sign the check. It is processed just like a regular check too so, you have all the protection you would normally have with your regular checking account. All the rules apply. Only the owner or an authorized signer of the checking account is to generate a bank draft so, if you are not allowed to sign checks on the account, you are committing fraud by doing so and the same applies if you generate a bank draft here. Check fraud is a Federal Offense (FBI.)

When you send the information, you are asking for products and services and pledging that you will pay with the bank draft generated by this system. You are paying with your checking account and you are authorizing Spiced Com to send this check (bank draft) to your bank for payment. You may be charged $12.00 for returned checks so please be sure you have the money in your account to cover your purchase. If products and services were sent or rendered, you are liable for the amount plus, any other charges required to collect these amounts. A separate draft will be generated to cover extra costs of processing.

Please note to whom you made this check out to and for how much. Please remember that you made a check when you filled out the Spiced Com Forms. Though it is not necessary, you may want to call your bank, to let them know that you authorized a draft to Spiced Com for the amount and the check number used.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you enter onto this Spiced Form. Please review your e-mail for this receipt and let Spiced Com know if you do not receive your confirmation.

If you wish to cancel or change your order, E-mail Spiced Com within 48 hours of sending your order. We will not process your order within this time. 48 hours is your holding time before we process your order so, please review your order and notify us as soon as you see a problem (wrong address?) If corrected within this time there is no charge for any adjustment. The Spiced Com Order, E-mail Receipt will have your order number as the subject. Just reply by e-mail with the word "cancellation" added to the end of the order number in the Subject Area of your e-mail as: "123456789 Cancel" Then, resubmit your corrected new order. Do your order over again.

US Federal banking regulations and the Uniform Commercial Code permit this process. This complies with FTC Regulations 16 CFR 310.

Thanks for your support. We hope you will be pleased with our service and visit us regularly. We hope to add more products and services soon so, please check back often.

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