Hawaiian Iced Tea

What you need.

    1 Pkg. NOH Hawaiian Iced Tea Mix, Net wt. 3 ounce, 84g.
    4 cups water (1 quart)
    4 servings per package.

Recipe for Hawaiian Iced Tea Mix:

Combine contents of package with 1 quart of water (4 cups.) Stir until well blended. Chill and Serve with Ice.
Per glass: Add 2 tablespoons of Hawaiian Iced Tea Mix with 8 oz. of water. Add ice and enjoy.
Suggestion: Royal Hawaiian Iced Tea. Add pineapple juice or a spear of pineapple to each glass. Serve and enjoy!
Note: Hawaiian Iced Tea Mix is made with Hawaiian Cane Sugar.
Add more or less water for personal taste.


Hawaiian Cane Sugar, Instant Tea, Maltro Dextrin, citric acid, lemon oil, caramel color
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Nutrition Facts

    Serv. Size 1 serving (21g mix) (4 servings per package)
    Calories: 80. Calories from Fat: 0
    Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    Total Fat 0G: 0%
    Sat. Fat 0G: 0%
    Chloest. 0mg: 0%
    Sodium 3mg: 0%
    Total Carb. 20g.: 7%
    Fiber 0g.: 0%
    Sugars 20g:
    Protein 0g
    Vitamin A 0% * Vitamine C 20% * Calcium 0% * Iron 0