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Let us set up your site. A turn key solution. Maintenance services are available too.

You will be pleasantly surprised by what we charge. A low cost solution to meet your "Commercial Web" requirements. A site structured to easily edit and update, add pages and items. Most any browser will function properly at this site.

Cost depends on how much you can do and what you want us to do. How much space you require and if you need programs are factors too.

Spiced Com is rated, somewhat like PG. Think prime time broadcast TV. There will only be products or services here, that a 13 year old can legally be exposed to. We reserve the right to limit what is on this site and refuse products and services not consistent with this view.

Please note: all orders at are processed through our system. We retail the goods directly, with you as the promoter/manufacturer or through your broker/distributor system so not to compete with your regular retailers and; to assure Federal Mail Order Requirements. We can also forward your orders to you to complete*.

This page takes you to a retail store. Note how items and options are presented and processed.

Water & Light.

Thank you.

* Responsibility release required for order fulfillment by producer.

Contact if you have a questions or two regarding this opportunity.

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